To the Summerlands you travel,
With the fire you lived, you now ride out,
The next phase of your journey has now begun.

You’ve taught as you learned…
Inspired as you lived…
Loved as you as were loved.

The wind now carries you,
The sparks of your flame ignited in us all,
As you make your journey through the veil.

The Great Mother now holds you in her embrace,
As your spirit travels to comfort us all,
Tears do flow though they need not be shed.

A life lived without vain,
A life lived with passion,
A life lived with soul.

On gusts of wind your spirit travels swiftly,
Still touching the lives and hearts of us all,
Father, grandfather, husband, brother, friend.

An inspiration…The Mother’s Child…from The Earth you rose and to the heaven’s you soar.
Blessed Be on this next phase of your travels.

Rest well…your journey was lived in perfect love.

Grandfather, confidant, friend.

Y.E.S 2012



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