She sits alone in her cave after the morning tasks are completed. She ponders all that has transpired over the last few days. Adorned with beautiful jewels of love and promises, bearing the protection of the Dark Raven Goddess. But still, there she sits, alone, confused, hurt…betrayed.

Somewhere across many lands and bodies of water, he sits on his throne without thought or compassion for the damage he’s done. His collection of conquests, his poorly veiled lies…it has all come crashing down on him as his bride bares the proof. What lies does he breathe in defence? The same lies he’s uttered to each and every one of his conquests? Or did he collapse and bare her the truth of his soul, the soul that was supposed to belong to the girl in the cave? The very same girl he led to believe was his saviour, his muse, his soul?

Gently tracing the contours of the perfect green amber, admiring the spirals that were meant to represent the strongest of bonds, trying desperately to feel the power of the amulet she bares on silver chain…she feels nothing but loss. Her soul has once again been torn to pieces, shattered by lies she once again allowed to penetrate her solid stone wall.

He draws the potent smoke in from his pipe, hearing a muted plea from somewhere almost a thousand miles away. Rather than acknowledging the call, he takes another pull and gazes through the window upon the grounds of his palace. Fear intrudes upon what used to be a wild escape, the hunt, the chase and finally the capture of the daughter of the Dark Raven Queen. The lies he told, the webs he gently weaved, becoming confident in his webs, as he’d escaped exposure for many years. Now, he finally faced her, his bride, from whom he’d sought refuge in the hearts and dreams of so many others, she had unearthed his vile little collection of broken hearts and tortured souls.

And yet, in the wakes of the truth discovered, she sits alone with a silent prayer to the Goddess that she could still somehow be his muse, that what she’s found, what her soul always feared, couldn’t possibly be. Silence continues to ring out, the ties that bound no longer there, the girl knows that hope is lost, lies have become truths, and she was nothing but another pretty face stashed away in his collection of so many others, exactly like her. Not only had she bared her soul, but she had freely given it to him. Her heart, trust, dreams and body…all for him, to feed upon freely, to rebuild what she had become to believe was a broken and beaten man, left empty and pained by years of neglect and abuse. She hasn’t been the only one, the place by his side had not solely been hers, and in this realization, she breaks, sobs rip through her body and her spirit cannot absorb the pain and she laments the destruction of her precious walls that he had so fervently torn down…she knows now that she must begin to rebuild, and more solid now than ever before.

He is seething anger as he comes to find that they’ve spoken…two of his secret conquests had broken down and shared truths, shared the lies he spewed, uncovered that he’d uttered the same words, professed the same undying, soul sharing love to each of them. They were not completely unique to him, only two more precious gems to stash away in his hidden lair…the lair his bride had finally discovered. He continues to ignore the plea from the girl in the cave…

She has decided to let it be, she knows his anger is piqued because she broke her vow of silence. She had consorted with the one he’d named a demon, and in doing so, found all the answers to the questions he’d refused to acknowledge. Deep within her she holds fast to the vow she has now made with herself, to let him go, let him fester in his stinking pile of shit. Yet, even deeper still, she knows she will give him a chance. If he accepts her cry, recognizes her call, she knows she will let him speak, let him vomit out all the lies, and prays that he will finally tell her the truth, for in that deepest of places, she still wants to belong to him. She STILL believes she can be his saviour and muse… She cannot remove the entrancing jewels, she needs to bare the amulet on silver chain, for even though she knows the truth, she still wants to believe in an undying, star crossed, soul binding love…silly girl.

He sits on his throne, fear invades his every thought as he watches his palace crumble, the lush lands blacken and his bride heaves venomous and well deserved hatred at his heart and mind…but not his soul, for such a creature cannot truly have a soul. Without thought, without care and most certainly without love, he lets the girl sit alone in her cave, wondering, waiting and dying from the inside out.

Y.E.S 2013


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