So many faces,
And bodies,
It’s all you see.
Blind to any
other beauty,
You’re as transparent
as all the rest.
Stomach churns,
To have thought
you were ever any different…
Your perversion
Goes too far,
Weak explanations,
Not far enough.
Just another face,
Another body,
It’s all you saw.
Vampire you are,
Sucking on the life
of the young,
The vulnerable,
The broken and misguided,
To feed your own
sick delusions
of a world in which you
reign King
of the damned and forgotten,
and the weak.
Offer your potent venom
in the guise of
Undying Devotion.
Build them up,
Drink in the praise
you draw so quickly
to stroke your twisted ego
and feel your self appointed
Reign Supreme.
Bleed them dry
and break them down,
Play them over
And over,
In the palm of your
greasy hand.
Pull your strings
and hear them dance
to your tune of
complete illusion.
Filled to brimming,
You still crave more,
Strip them down again
to seal your hold.
Await the stormy torrent
you designed,
Watch them claw
their way back in…
Give yourself a wink
for a successful feed,
Tow the line to release
as you troll for
the next catch.
Your path is poorly veiled,
Your tracks reek
of the darkness you seep.
Many are your numbers,
Few are your victories.
Your game is tired,
Your lines,
old and tattered.
You can’t mark the
same tracks,
And over,
Without fucking up.

Y.E.S 2013


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