The lovers
are nameless,
the room is a ritual.
Unfurl the blackened windows,
listen for sounds, for a song,
Feel the presence of love.
Now remember the ritual,
open the lover’s chamber:
A dense garden
of colours, smells and sounds.
Smooth sunlight
in the garden,
the lovers slowly love.
Their eyes,
Their lips,
Her hair,
His beard:
His mouth,
Her shoulder…
The kiss
A mouth along a waist,
Kisses weeping with happiness,
Slow-moving bodies,
eyes filled with the lovers.
Undress your voice,
Fall into vines,
Let flesh create an embrace,
One moment you wonder,
but a mouth kisses the moment away.

©Y.E.S 2013

Created using a NaNoWriMo prompt which involved creating an Erasure. I deconstructed Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Have The Lovers’ and then reconstructed it using a few new words or a slight variation on the original word…not exactly an erasure, but one with a few of my own tweaks…hope those who read it enjoy!


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