The Collector, Part 2


Lies you squandered
to make me believe
I was the only one.
Yet faces
and bodies
We’re manically collected
as you stroked
a malevolently growing ID.
I was not a willing victim,
but naivety and ignorance
to one so disturbed
is what plagued me.
Strings pulled
by an expert puppeteer,
Gauging each manipulated move,
Emotions played so well,
Until I opened my eyes…
One awkward play
So flippantly made
Began your demise…
Oh, but how well
YOU played victim!
Almost had me caught…
But roots of doubt
had grown strong…
And twice blinded,
I am not.
Play your game,
Delegate the pain,
Pull on your cloak
and become someone else.
I’ll never understand
this sickness…
Because it’s not a sickness
at all,
Just the tattered mask
of a collector.

©Y.E.S 2013


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