My Darkness, Brighter Than Your Light


You molested my darkness
With the harsh buzzing glow
Of your unnatural
Neon light.
Vacant promises
and pregnant pauses,
Always leaving me unnerved
as I tried to convince myself
to trust your frivolously
over zealous encroachment.
Silent words devoid of meaning
Laced with rotting emotion
Spewed forth from just one
of innumerable twisted shadows.
Raping my mind and stealing
my most inner sanctum,
Planting your festering illusion
and consuming all which
was not yours to take.
Vile troll, vapid monster,
Live in all your glorious filth!
I loathe the day I became
another soul wandering lost
in your labyrinth,
Armed with flames
I torched your brittle structure,
Smoked you out and
burnt it down, victorious!
Shrouded in my darkness,
Rid of your unnatural fluorescence,
My black light,
Brighter than any ray of your putrescence.

©Y.E.S 2013


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