Monthly Archives: June 2013

Move To Trash


Obscured by a moment fleeting,
Squandered time never regained,
It doesn’t matter much to me,
When erasing you is a simple click away.
Marred by “evils done unto you”,
Your poetry became a nauseating whine,
A blameless world you created,
Dictated by your own delusions.
When I stopped believing I’ll never know,
Perhaps I never bought your bullshit,
Your absence fills my emptiness
and I smile as I move you to trash.

©Y.E.S 2013


Centred in the stark white room,
Emptiness seeps from the walls,
Captured by the array of nothing,
A single bulb hums loudly.
Linger on the edge of paranoia,
Biting nails not my habit,
Pulling hair not desired,
Yet here I am, the walls closing in,
My sanity is tested,
As they exhale and expand again…

©Y.E.S 2013


Jump on the latest bandwagon,
Spew forth another processed piece of flesh
dredged out from your glory days,
Which in themselves,
We’re truly quite unremarkable.
The first taste was laced
with the heady appeal of flattery,
The grandeur of that magick
All too quickly giving up
The presence of smoke and mirrors.
Next in the corralled line,
Blindly trusting that the route ahead
led only to more wonders…
I caught scent of the killing floor.
Shoddy walls built from
tirelessly used material broke free
with little effort.
Shed my number and break the line
I might step backward, though
Eyes are opened wide
One cannot proceed without the
Lessons found behind.

©Y.E.S 2013

In A Moment


Heavy rhythmic beat,
Control the loss of breath,
Sharp stolen intake,
Quick fleeting glance.
Mind racing inward,
Skin responds to air,
Controlled intentions linger,
Laced heavy on the words
Spoken a bit too quickly,
Nervously acknowledged,
Sometimes barely heard,
Always just anticipated…
Yearning for that hand
To just barely graze my knee,
Maybe rest a moment,
Or even hold it’s place…

©Y.E.S 2013

Perfectly Imperfect


She’ll take you down
Where she longs to be
This war she fights alone
So perfectly imperfect

She’s a hybrid of herself
Riding the night and
Trolling black masses
In tow, her tarnished wings

She’ll set your fire
When she wants you to burn
This is her battle cry
So perfectly imperfect

She is no demon yet
No shadow holds her down
She is the beading sweat
Searing hot upon your skin

She’ll take you down
Riding the night and
This is her battle cry
Perfectly imperfect

©Y.E.S 2013

Fully Empty


I can write a thousand
words of anger,
Soak my poison to paper
with no end in sight,
Unleash my tormented army
of demons
and scream out my heart
until no sound emits.
I can give out a thousand
Soak the bleeding wounds
with coarse rock salt,
Unleash the darkest
Goddess of war
and scream my battle cries
until victorious.
Yet I cannot find just one
word of love,
Absorb my rawest self
out of these cells
and release this untamed fury
from my breast.
No, you will not find that
day of passage,
There is no redemption to
be found in me,
You live a life spent cast out
into this limelight,
And die a death from which
one cannot be freed.

©Y.E.S 2013

A Fond Farewell…


The more I know
The more I despise
Your ugly truth
Your sordid guise
I see your stain
Is everywhere
I know your mark
I loathe your stare
Leave blank your page
You hide behind
But I know your rhythm
and I know your kind
You run, you hide
But you leave a trail
So sick inside
Believing your tales
My prince, my pauper
My troubled whore
Fuck you…adieu
I need you no more.

©Y.E.S 2013