Fully Empty


I can write a thousand
words of anger,
Soak my poison to paper
with no end in sight,
Unleash my tormented army
of demons
and scream out my heart
until no sound emits.
I can give out a thousand
Soak the bleeding wounds
with coarse rock salt,
Unleash the darkest
Goddess of war
and scream my battle cries
until victorious.
Yet I cannot find just one
word of love,
Absorb my rawest self
out of these cells
and release this untamed fury
from my breast.
No, you will not find that
day of passage,
There is no redemption to
be found in me,
You live a life spent cast out
into this limelight,
And die a death from which
one cannot be freed.

©Y.E.S 2013


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