In the Key of Lou Reed (A Tribute)


Take me to Coney Island Baby
Cuz I’m Looking For Love
I hear Tarbelly and Featherfoot
Left some Burning Embers there

Let’s walk the Dirty Blvd.
Or even Walk on the Wild Side
And We’ll have ourselves a Perfect Day
In the midst of Heroin laced poetry

I think I’m So Free
And then I step onto that Busload of Faith
They tell me there’s a Satellite of Love
But I ain’t Hangin’ Round

“Let me be your Guardian Angel!”
insisted Peggy Sue
“But I’m a Mystic Child!”
said I,
It’s not about the Sunday Morning ritual

I play my Vanishing Act once more
With Mistress Dread nipping at my heels
I’ve been A Wild Being From Birth
and I’m not gonna Change now

©Y.E.S 2014

Composed using a mix of Songs from the late and infinitely great Lou Reed, he truly shaped the definition of dirty, gritty and painfully honest rock and roll for me, music just would NOT have been the same without him.


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