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Poem 24

To walk beneath this weathered arch
and see what lies before me,
No longer crumbled sun bleached ruins,
These walls have taken shape yet again.
I never could really see what was really here,
Heaps and piles of ancient brick and mortar
Scattered precisely where they fell.
They’ve been reborn and been rebuilt,
all for only my eyes to see.
This ancient fantasy, come to life,
vibrant in my soul.

©Y.E.S 2014


Book of Dreams

Nights spent alone,
Were no longer empty,
Dreams that wouldn’t come,
Flourished under his spell.

“Close your eyes little one,
Goodnight Tinuviel,
We’ll be together soon,
Just wait for me, you’ll see”

He becomes her Beren,
A love forged so deeply,
It couldn’t possibly be broken,
Oh, but how that fear persists…

Star crossed and soul bound,
Ethereal love most potent,
A beautiful and timeless tree,
Cloaks spread beneath.

In arms so fervently welcoming,
Under touch so tentative,
Curious, exploring, healing,
The dream weaves a new reality.

Bodies entwined,
Lost completely in each other,
Nothing can distinguish,
That there was ever more than one.

Eyes flutter,
The dream slips away,
Add it to the collection,
In the Book of Dreams.

Y.E.S 2013