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Bitter Bessie’s Boy

Bitter Bessie’s dog beak
Bitter Bessie’s son,
Nothing special he’s a geek,
Trashing up my home!

Sulking in the apartment,
My darling’s a little daft,
Spoken dreams of palisades,
His words won’t make you laugh!

Danny Boy’s a ringing,
Danny Boy’s very green,
He didn’t look very well and
He leaked out from the seams!

©Y.E.S 2014

Today’s prompt was to “translate” a poem from a language we don’t know into English as it appears to us or sounds to us. I chose these first three verses from an Afrikkans poem:

Bitterbessie dagbreek
bitterbessie son
ʼn spieël het gebreek
tussen my en hom

Soek ek na die grootpad
om daarlangs te draf
oral draai die paadjies
van sy woorde af

Dennebos herinnering
dennebos vergeet
het ek ook verdwaal
trap ek in my leed

written by Ingrid Jonker, titled Bitterbessie Dagbeak


Midnight Adventures

While contemplating the use of triangular nutmeg,
I donned my Peruvian hat and set sail in my woody canoebubble.
During my travels I discovered a Lazarus Jewell box as I was climbing the false cup and saucer.
Lying upon my leather donax and gazing up at the incised moon,
I thought the heavy bonnet looked rather fetching upon the strawberry top of the snout otter clam.

©Y.E.S 2014


We know that the Earth is flat;
there is a man in the moon,
with the dog and the spoon
and I live with the Cheshire Cat.

I once sprouted wings and I flew,
the clocks all now run backwards,
(this is really quite standard)
and fairy dust comes only in blue.

I rule the land from my rusty tin can, held together by early morn’s dew.

©Y.E.S 2014

Composed following today’s NaPoWriMo prompt to write a ten line poem, each line being a lie. Quite fun!

The Depraved

Depravity typically has many branches.
For most, being depraved is like being surrounded by a layer of bark.
Roots branch and spread out widely; they serve to anchor the depraved and extract energy.
Above, branches divide into smaller branches and capture energy for the depraved, allowing their growth.

©Y.E.S 2014

Using the NaPoWriMo prompt for day twelve, I selected the tangible word tree and replaced it with the intangible word depravity and used a few sentences from Wikipedia which I doctored up a bit to help with flow.