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It was a crazy whirlwind
of wonderfully silly antics.
Oh, but it was perfect.
So far from any
scrap of reality,
So close to nothing real.
What’s it like to become
consumed by fantasy?
What’s it like to be
anyone but me?
Crystal mornings explode
on a perfect aqua horizon,
Sunrise painting hues
I’ve never seen.
Afternoons of sublime
non existence,
Soaking in the salt
infused air,
Feet covered in the tiniest
white pebbles.
Nights handing out
passion, like candy,
to any willing takers.
Put on a pretty dress
and dance like there’s
no tomorrow.
I hear the ocean now,
and it’s just the two
of us.
Put away a decade or so
and never look back…



Evacuate, it’s a precautionary measure,
Avoid the government,
There is an oncoming surge of
It is a state of emergency.
The News has informed the public.
“This is not something we have to deal with!”
We can go over the embankment,
Build new homes,
Release ourselves from the tyranny of local “Officials”,
Burn the bridges,
Start again.
It’s not just a precautionary

©Y.E.S 2014

Always Sorry

My eyesight fails with the receding light,
Night falls and I tremble in the aftermath.
You always say you’re sorry,
(You’re only sorry you’ve been caught.)
Restless, I sleep awake, the new day dawns,
Sun breaks the horizon and I see black.
I always say I’m sorry,
(I’m only sorry you’ve been caught.)
We speak of how we’re sorry,
(We’re only sorry that we’re not.)

©Y.E.S 2014