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Day 26

I crave your absence,
But know I would miss you here.
I don’t know why these thoughts
come to me,
Every time you’re near.
I miss your absence,
When your right inside my home.
I just cannot figure out
why I’d rather be alone.

©Y.E.S 2014


It’s Human Nature

I must admit, I’m rubbernecking,
Curious as to what kind of egomaniacal, patriarchal, bullshit you’re regurgitating today.
The draw is like that of a terrible roadside collision:
Human nature gets the best of me and I cannot help but look at the certain disaster that will reveal itself to searching eyes.
And like that disaster that I don’t want to see, but do,
I always find myself returning to see what kind of deluded dramatic display you’ve written yourself into yet again,
With regard to none but yourself, how you crave the accreditation from those you believe to be your audience…
Could they, too, simply be incapable of averting their eyes?
Waiting for your inevitable crash and burn whilst silently laughing and shaking their heads at your blatant display of jackassery?

©Y.E.S 2013