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It was a crazy whirlwind
of wonderfully silly antics.
Oh, but it was perfect.
So far from any
scrap of reality,
So close to nothing real.
What’s it like to become
consumed by fantasy?
What’s it like to be
anyone but me?
Crystal mornings explode
on a perfect aqua horizon,
Sunrise painting hues
I’ve never seen.
Afternoons of sublime
non existence,
Soaking in the salt
infused air,
Feet covered in the tiniest
white pebbles.
Nights handing out
passion, like candy,
to any willing takers.
Put on a pretty dress
and dance like there’s
no tomorrow.
I hear the ocean now,
and it’s just the two
of us.
Put away a decade or so
and never look back…



Evacuate, it’s a precautionary measure,
Avoid the government,
There is an oncoming surge of
It is a state of emergency.
The News has informed the public.
“This is not something we have to deal with!”
We can go over the embankment,
Build new homes,
Release ourselves from the tyranny of local “Officials”,
Burn the bridges,
Start again.
It’s not just a precautionary

©Y.E.S 2014

Poem 24

To walk beneath this weathered arch
and see what lies before me,
No longer crumbled sun bleached ruins,
These walls have taken shape yet again.
I never could really see what was really here,
Heaps and piles of ancient brick and mortar
Scattered precisely where they fell.
They’ve been reborn and been rebuilt,
all for only my eyes to see.
This ancient fantasy, come to life,
vibrant in my soul.

©Y.E.S 2014

Bitter Bessie’s Boy

Bitter Bessie’s dog beak
Bitter Bessie’s son,
Nothing special he’s a geek,
Trashing up my home!

Sulking in the apartment,
My darling’s a little daft,
Spoken dreams of palisades,
His words won’t make you laugh!

Danny Boy’s a ringing,
Danny Boy’s very green,
He didn’t look very well and
He leaked out from the seams!

©Y.E.S 2014

Today’s prompt was to “translate” a poem from a language we don’t know into English as it appears to us or sounds to us. I chose these first three verses from an Afrikkans poem:

Bitterbessie dagbreek
bitterbessie son
ʼn spieël het gebreek
tussen my en hom

Soek ek na die grootpad
om daarlangs te draf
oral draai die paadjies
van sy woorde af

Dennebos herinnering
dennebos vergeet
het ek ook verdwaal
trap ek in my leed

written by Ingrid Jonker, titled Bitterbessie Dagbeak

Star Child

Lay your head down here my dear,
Pull up a blanket and let’s gaze at the stars,
Stretch onto your back and crane up your neck,
and we’ll travel to places afar.
Shall we explore for awhile Orion’s Belt?
Or take a quick rest on Cassiopeia’s throne?
Look up at the stars my sweet child,
And learn that you are never alone.

©Y.E.S 2014

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a children’s nursery rhyme.

Hey, Mr. Thompson

In your life, Mr. Thompson, you were
larger than,
And in your death, Mr. Thompson, you are even greater.
Surviving a tsunami of mescaline drenched bats,
Tell me, Mr. Thompson, was there really fear and loathing in Las Vegas?
I’m in love with perfect amateur photographs bound in the luxurious psychedelia of a Gonzo cover.
I wonder if it had been my time, would I have been one of your lucky ladies?
Blanketed in a heavy cover of sweet smoke,
I shut my eyes and happily dream of a time that was not my own…
But could I make it? Could I really “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”…?
Fuck, yea!
Hey, Mr. Thompson, do you think you could put a bullet through my copy of Hell’s Angels sometime when we meet out there in the ether?

©Y.E.S 2014

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a New York School poem using a provided recipe.